Originally founded in 1973, the association was the national trade body for moteliers. The main objective of the association was to assist motel owners in the improvement of their operations. It was achieved by the provision of education, benefits, needed support, advocacy and benefits.

The association had over 1000 member properties that spanned across the length and breadth of the country when they were in full operation. Its independence was rooted on the annually conducted elections that had six members on the Management board. The criterion for being a board member was to be an active motelier. Each board member acted as an active mentor to other MANZ members who were moteliers in their regions. The board meeting was held at minimum six times annually in order to set policies and strategies for the advancement of the association. Conferences were held alongside Annual General Meetings around July/August each year. The last recorded Conference was held from the 26th to the 29th of July 2007.

Membership Benefits Enjoyed By ANZ Members

One the exclusive benefits enjoyed by MANZ members was the access to a free webpage to help them promote their motel property on the now defunct MANZ website. These pages were in turn promoted heavily by MANZ to the travel sector and consumers alike. MANZ engaged in the delivery of substantial bulk buying discounts and services offered by commercial suppliers, this was achieved then because they were a huge and successful organization. The services that were provided were tailored to meet human needs and they included: Regular news and information, free legal advice, furnishings, accommodation discounts, insurance packages, and paint and rental equipment. Low commission rates on telecommunications and credit card transactions and several other services that motels used extremely were also included.

They supported their members in all aspects of building and running a motel business, ensuring that the government was fully aware of the importance the motel industry played in the advancement of tourism and commerce in New Zealand. This was done to enhance the quality of motel products. They were in operation for over 30 years and were accorded as the largest grouping of New Zealand’s motel properties. As an association, they were also an affiliate member of the Tourism Industry of New Zealand. They were closely knitted with various industry bodies in New Zealand’s Tourism, Hospitality and Accommodation industries.

MANZ assisted members in various matters like employment, cancellation policies, and bookings. In matters of advocacy, MANZ had a National Service that undertook motel industry advocacy at a national level on issues that affected the motel sector. Opportunities were opened for members to meet and network with each other at branch meetings, events and national conferences, as they shared and learnt from their experiences.

Several periodic seminars/workshops and roadshows were held for both new intakes and experienced operators. Many companies and firms like Bank Of New Zealand, Budget Rent A Car, CallPlus New Zealand Ltd, Avis, and more provided special services to MANZ members


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